Light Blue Tint Spot Lamp : L3217 – Bulbs Included (Multiple Colours)

Bulbs are now included. You get a normal H1 bulb and a LED colour side light bulb of either White, Blue, Amber or Green. Please take a look at the colours and add a comment to your order at check out on the colour bulbs you would like.

By the way, we recommend blue as it amplifies the already light blue lens. For the other colours, we have this exact same light unit but with a clear lens which would work better for Green, Amber & White.

Regulation 10 Approved

Reference: L3217

We at are very excited to announce our new range of spotlamps, which will be expanded in the coming months!

This one has a rugged abs plastic construction and features a side light socket for running lights and a H1 bulb socket for the main beam.

Takes normal side light bulbs for ambient glow and H1 bulbs for the full beam. which puts out some serious light. If you are looking for spotlamps that are of exceptional quality and that don’t break the bank, you’ve found them at!

Size:9 INCH
Power:70W (H1 Bulb)
Construction:ABS Unit & Lens
Bulb/Module Type:H1 (Full Beam) & R5W (Side Light)
Water/Weatherproofing:To IP68
Working Voltage:Both 12v and 24v
Connection Type:Pretinned Wires
Fixing Type:Metal fitting bracket supplied




Please ensure that you use this spot lamp correctly and don’t dazzle other road users. They’re bright!

Additional information

Weight1 kg


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