Not regulation 65

There is nothing wrong with this product! It is brand new and boxed. It also comes with our 24 month warranty!

We are no longer stocking these, as we will only be stocking regulation 65 approved bars and warning lights in the future. If you do not need R65 lighting, then you can grab a real bargain by buying these before they go!

LED Rotating & Flashing Beacon – 72 SMD LEDs – Magnetic Base – Amber Cover

This is a 16cm round light beacon. It is weatherproof (as are all of our strobes and light bars) to IP68 standards and is suitable for both 12 and 24 volt systems.

It is fixed to your vehicle by a strong underbody magnet making sure that it will be securely fixed to your vehicle even in strong winds or on the motorway.

It is connected to the electrical system by a standard cigarette lighter, which has a switch on top to cycle it through it’s modes.

Power:72 SMD LED’s
Flashing Patterns:Around 2
Bulb/Module Type:LED Modules (SMD)
Water/Weatherproofing:To IP68
Working Voltage:Both 12v and 24v
Connection Type:Cigarette Lighter (With button on top)
Fixing Type:Under unit built in magnet


Please ensure that you use this light beacon correctly and familiarise yourself with the UK law concerning them.


All of our light bars and flood/spot lamps come with a 24 month warranty which starts from the moment of receipt.

The warranty covers you for electrical failure, but also, blown bulbs. That means that for two years, you never have to have a vehicle with a defective rear or front floodlamp/spotlamp/lightbar, or having to put up with a blown bulb! If a bulb blows, you can simply return it to us and we’ll replace it!

See our warranty page for more information.

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