Heavy Duty Tail Lift Corner Warning Light – Amber : LDO 2135


A tail lift warning marker from Horpol. It is a hard wearing, metal encased marker light that warns drivers and others of your tail lifts corners.

It can either be wired up to a constant source to provide a constant amber light, or you can wire it up to a flasher unit or your indicators so that they will flash. They are very heavy duty and very solid.

As with all of our LED rear lighting products, this light unit comes with a 24 month warranty on functionality and bulbs! Ensuring peace of mind and a secure investment.

Reference:LDO 21335 / L1212
Base Colour:Metal
Lens Colour:Amber
Dimensions:102.5x90x12mm (LxWxH)
Bulb Type:LED
Power Voltage:12 or 24v
Wiring Type:Pre-soldered Wires
Regulations:E9 Regulation 10
Warranty:24 Months Including Bulbs
Applications:Tail Lifts
Bolt Thread Thickness:
Bolt Distance:



All of our LED Rear Light Units come with a 24 month warranty which starts from the moment of receipt.

The warranty covers you for electrical failure, but also, blown bulbs (if LED). That means that for two years, you never have to have a truck with a defective rear light unit, or having to put up with a blown bulb! If a bulb blows, you can simply return it to us and we’ll replace it!

See our warranty page for more information.

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