H7 24v 70w Bulbs (Standard Colour – 3800K)

E-marked and Regulated – UV Protected

 QuantityPricePrice per Bulb+VAT @ 20%Total
1 Bulb£1.79£1.79£0.36£2.15
10 Bulbs£15.41£1.54£3.08£18.49
40 Bulbs£59.99£1.50£12.00£71.99
100 Bulbs£139.99£1.40£28.00£167.99

We provide VAT receipts and are VAT registered so you can claim this back!

Please note that these are 24v bulbs for commercial vehicles, not 12v bulbs

H7 head lamp bulbs for 24v applications. These top quality bulbs needn’t cost the earth! 

Very high quality, Emarked and UV protected bulbs. Comes in a larger box (if bought in 10’s or more) to hold all of your smaller boxes holding your individual bulbs. That way you can put it in a drawer/shelf without having loose bulb boxes all over the place. These bulbs also have a foam cover, so they can be protected and handled up until you need to fit them.

Obviously it goes without saying that you should never touch the glass of head light bulbs and grease from human skin can decrease the life.

We undertook a comprehensive testing process when looking for our manufacturer. We took four bulbs from each of our potential suppliers and hooked them up to a testing rig. After running them and timing them for continuous use, we picked these exceptional bulbs as the clear winners. All 4 of our tested bulbs lasted for over 500 hours, which is exceptional. They beat the last contender by a good 100 hours at least!

We are VAT registered in the UK and provide legal VAT receipts so you can claim back VAT on this purchase.

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