About This Product

This floodlamp has 12 very powerful CREE XBD LED bulbs behind a clear lens. They are set into a chrome surrounding which amplifies the light and these bulbs are exceptionally bright. This makes it ideal for use as a reversing floodlamp or working lamp.

Please see pictures of this product, including the night test to see exactly the power, pattern and range of this lamp.

This product has three wires (+,+ and -) instead of two (+ & -). This allows the person to illuminate only one half of the unit (6 of 12 bulbs) or the other half. Alternatively, it can be wired as normal so that the panels both illuminate together, as one panel.

Some Specifications:

Measurements: 99x93x167mm
Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
Waterproof Rating: IP68
Colour Temperature: 6000K
Beam: Flood beam
Body Color: Black
Material: Diecast Aluminium Housing
Lens material: PC
Mounting Bracket: Aluminium Bracket
Life time: 30000+ hour

Construction & Quality

All of our spotlamps, floodlamps, light bars etc are of the highest quality. They are made from aluminium, with a shatter proof front lens.

They all have cooling fins on the back so that they don’t over heat and all ballasts etc are self contained in the weatherproof unit housing that is rated to IP68 standards.

Whats Included?

As well as our exceptional spotlamp/floodlight, you also get a fitting kit for your product, which is easy to fit.


All of our light bars and flood/spot lamps come with a 24 month warranty which starts from the moment of receipt.

The warranty covers you for electrical failure, but also, blown bulbs. That means that for two years, you never have to have a truck with a defective rear or front floodlamp/spotlamp, or having to put up with a blown bulb! If a bulb blows, you can simply return it to us and we’ll replace it!

See our warranty page for more information.

Additional information

Weight1.26 kg


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