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Trucklumi.eu sells premium LED truck and trailer lights to the transport industry, contractors, warehouse staff, or just the man with a van. We are VAT registered and provide VAT receipts so you can claim this back if you are too. We’ve been selling LED truck and trailer lights for a while, and you can trust us to deliver quality and warrantied vehicle lights for you or your company.

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Amber Strobe Lights

We sell ECE regulated amber strobe light products, including light bars, grill/flat surface strobes and flashing beacons. All are regulated to ECE regulation R65 and have a 24 month warranty.

We have standard old school rotating beacons, flashing LED beacons, small, medium and large light bars and tiny flashing strobes for grills and flat surfaces. Some of our great brands include Fristom.

Quality doesn’t cost the earth and all of our amber strobe products are road legal within the EU and conform to all regulatory requirements. They are also very cost effective. We pride ourselves on high quality amber strobe products for your work.

Spot Lamps

Want to teach the night a lesson? Well our range of powerful spot lamps can do just that! We have spot lamps that use both LED’s and traditional bulbs. We also have ones that have built in Daytime Running Lights (DRL’s) for that added style factor.

They’re powerful, as you would expect, and all LED bulbs come with our exceptional 24 month warranty! We have spot lamps that are 7 Inches or 9 Inches round, oblong, square etc.

As always, they are all regulation R10 approved and ready to go on UK roads.

Marker Lights

It’s not just spot lamps that can give your vehicle that signature look, but marker lights too! We have a range of white, red and amber marker lights for you to either use for their intended purpose, or use them to decorate your truck. Remember, all are regulation R10 approved for EU use and come with a 24 month warranty (if LED).

They are of exceptional quality, coming from the likes of Horpol and WAS. They are durable and weatherproof marker lights that will last ages and look great.

Rubber Side Clearance Markers

Whatever you drive, we have rubber stalked clearance markers that look fantastic. We have short (almost flush) ones, medium length ones and long stalk versions. They come in various designs, our favourite is the neon effect ones from WAS.

They are regulated and warrantied of course, and are on bendable rubber stalks to try and prevent snapping should you get a little too close!

Rear Light Units

We stock exceptional rear LED lights (and normal ones) for small, medium and large vehicles. All rear lights are regulation approved to R10 and have a wide range of uses.

Our round lights can be countersunk or fitted to a flat surface using the supplied bolts. Some, such as this one are very slim too. This light also has all of the functions required for the back of the vehicle. No more separate fog and reversing lights, it’s all built in. Why not check out our entire range of round lights?

We also supply small square lights for small to medium trailers. All are of the same exceptional quality and come with our 24 month warranty. Check out our entire range of small square lights.

Need larger replacement LED and non-LED lights? We sell direct replacements such as DAF and Europoint lights, as well as aftermarket light units. Want a rear light unit with dynamic indicators? We have those. What about large rear lights with ambient neon running lights? We have those too.

We also stock lenses for popular truck and trailer light units, in case you’ve cracked yours and just need a new cover. Check out our entire range.

Vehicle and Trailer Bulbs

Bulb costs can mount up. Any savings can make a big difference to your running costs, even if you only have one vehicle. We stock very cost effective and high quality vehicle bulbs in both 12v and 24v.

We are especially proud of our 24v H7 bulbs that can be bulk bought for a great saving. You can buy 100 bulbs, for just £1.40 per bulb. We haven’t seen them cheaper anywhere else.

We also do trailer internal lights, and sell quite a lot of LED bulbs to replace your halogen G4 bulbs. The halogen versions last around 2000 hours, the LED version lasts at least 15,000 hours. It’s a no brainer!

Reversing and Working Lights

We sell LED vehicle flood lamps that can  be used as either reversing lights on the back of vehicles and trailers, or as general working lamps. They are bright and have exceptional reach. Being LED, they are covered under our 24 month warranty and are fully regulated to be compliant on UK and EU roads.

A large range of sizes and powers are available and can be direct replacements for your old or no longer working units.

Rear Number Plate Lights

Why not replace your halogen number plate lamp with one that uses LED’s? They are brighter, look great and are worry free. They come under our 24 month warranty and we stock rear number plate lights that can directly replace many trailer manufacturers as a direct bolt on, bolt off replacement.

As always, all rear number plate lights are regulation R10 approved for use in the UK and EU.

OEM Front Fog Lights

Broken your fog lamp or giving yourself an upgrade? Check out our replacements.


OEM indicators for popular truck models. Save a fortune on replacing your broken ones. They are exactly like the originals and fully regulated for use on public roads.

Other Products

We don’t just sell lights at Trucklumi.eu. We also sell other things such as load restraints like ratchet straps, signs, stickers, fuel caps, digital tachograph rolls, office products and torches.

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